25.00 USD

Package Description

Global Perks: 
- [VIP+] in game  and in Discord!
- Access to in-game :typing:, :gimmie:, :oof:, :puffer:, :yey:, :dj:, :peace: emojis

Earth SMP Perks:
Everything from the previous ranks and...
- Set up to 30 homes
- /nick - set your own nickname with color and format
- /skull (name) - spawn other player skulls
- /particles - open particle effects menu
- Access to /kit VIP+ - every 72 hours
- Acquired Effects: 
- Dripping Water, Dust, Enchanted Hit
- End Rod, Falling Dust, Falling Lava, Falling Water, Firework
- Fishing, Flame, Item, Item Slime, Item Snowball, Landing Lava
- Mycelium, Nautilus

/pet - opens the pet gui
Acquired Pets: 
- Bee, Cat, Chicken, Creeper, Cow, Horse, Fox, Donkey and Iron Golem.

After purchase:
Additional $30,000 in game money

x6 Storm Keys

x4 Epic Keys