7.99 USD

Package Description

[VIP] in game and in Discord
Auto AFK kick prevention
Join Full Server
Set up to 15 homes
Create colored signs
Can sell/bid 5 items in auctions
Can mine spawners without Silk Touch

Keep your xp when you die

Additional Commands:
/pwarp set (warp name) - set your own player warps. Max: 5

/nick - set your own nickname
/hat - wear the item you hold as a hat
/skull - spawn your own skull
/craft - craft virtually
/kit VIP - Every 72 hours

Particle Effects:
/particles - open particle effects menu
Acquired Effects: 
- Ambient Entity, Block, Bubble, Bubble Up, Composter, Current Down
- Dolphin, Dripping Lava

/pet - opens the pet gui
Acquired Pets: 
- Bee, Cat, Chicken, Creeper and Cow

After purchase:
Additional $10,000 in game money

1 Epic Crate Key

2 Storm Crate Keys